How to configure your NETGEAR router for cable internet connection with NETGEAR genie


This article will help you configure your NETGEAR router for cable/broadband internet connection.
The information in this article applies if you configuring a cable internet connection with a NETGEAR router that uses the genie user interface.


If you have a router with the Smart Wizard user interface, see How to configure your NETGEAR router for cable internet connection with Smart Wizard.

If you have a DSL internet connection, see one of the following articles:

To configure your router for cable internet connection with NETGEAR genie:

  1. Unplug the modem and router power cords.
    Note: If you have a back-up battery on your modem, remove it temporarily.
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet port of the router (yellow cable in the diagram below).
  3. Connect an Ethernet cable from the computer to any one of the LAN ports of the router (gray cable in the diagram) .
  4. Re-insert the back-up battery (if any) and reconnect the modem power. Wait for all lights to become stable.
  5. Reconnect the power of the router and wait for the power light to become solid green.

  6. On the computer which is connected to the router, launch an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc).
  7. Visit If does not work, try the following:
  8. You are prompted to enter a username and password. Enter the following default login credentials:
    Note: username and password are both case sensitive
    • Username: admin
    • Password: password

    : If the default login credentials do not work, you might have changed the admin password. If you cannot remember your new password, you must perform a factory reset to restore the router to its factory default settings. For more information, see Restoring a NETGEAR home router to the factory default settings.

  9. Click ADVANCED > Setup Wizard.
  10. Select Yes and click Next.


    The Setup Wizard will now detect the internet connection type. It will take a couple of minutes to finish the process. If it detects a PPPoE connection, it will prompt you to type in the username and password provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Most cable connections do not require this.

  11. Once the setup has finished configuring the internet connection, the Congratulations page displays.
    Click Take me to the Internet to test the connection.

Note: If additional assistance is required, see:

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 This answer applies to the following products (Click to Expand):

  • WNR2500
  • JWNR2010
  • JNR1010
  • JNR3000
  • JNR3210
  • R6300
  • R6300v2
  • R6900
  • R7000
  • R7300DST
  • R7500
  • R8000
  • R8500
  • WNDR3300v1
  • WNDR3300v2
  • WNDR3400v3
  • WNDR3700v1
  • WNDR3700v2
  • WNDR3700v3
  • WNDR3700v4
  • WNDR3700v5
  • WNDR3600v3
  • WNDR37AVv1
  • WNDR37AVv2
  • WNDR3800
  • WNDR4000
  • WNDR4300
  • WNDR4500
  • WNDR4500v2
  • WNDR4700
  • WNR1000v1
  • WNR1000v2
  • WNR1000-2VCNAS
  • WNR1000v3
  • WNR1000v4
  • WNR1500
  • WNR3500v1
  • WNR3500v2
  • WNR2000v1
  • WNR2000v2
  • WNR2000v3
  • WNR2000v4
  • WNR2000v5
  • WNR2000-3XFNAS
  • WNXR2000
  • WNR2200
  • JWNR2000v1
  • JWNR2000v2

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